Prevalence of Hearing Problems : The Need for Ear Health Supplement

Prevalence of Hearing Problems : The Need for Ear Health Supplement

There’s an increasing number of people reading Cortexi Reviews, as concerns over hearing impairment is also rising. Apparently, the positive reviews written about the ear-health supplement presents potential solutions for the current ear problems that is now prevailing globally in many countries.

Actually, the number of Australians with some type of hearing problem, such as otitis media and tinnitus has increased over the years. Although not all hearing disorders have resulted in total hearing loss, current statistics show that there is a growing need to improve the ear health of more than 3.6 million Australians.

As it is, the current state of hearing problems affecting the country has drawn the attention of AU governments. At present, the cost of providing assistance to people with hearing problems represents the largest component of the country’s health systems expenditures.

A total of AU $521.4 million was incurred by the Office of Hearing Services Program, in helping Australian citizens find remedy for their hearing problems. Related studies
show that of the number reported by the program, about 1.3 million could have avoided their hearing problem.

Many wonder if the prevalent increase has something to do with the 5G technology that came into place in 2019. Back then concerns have been raised about the potential harms posed by 5G technology, particularly the potential harmful impact on our ear health.

Are 5G EMF Radiations Responsible for the Rise In Hearing Problems in AU?

Radiology expert Dr.Christopher Collins, Ph.D., who also teaches radiology at New York University, explains that 5G technology uses low level radiation or electromagnetic fields (EMF) emissions in transmitting waves of communication to cellphones, computers, Bluetooth, power lines and even to Microwave ovens. Low frequency, nonionizing EMF radiations do not affect human tissues that cause cancer the way the sun’s ionizing ultraviolet radiation does to the skin.

Moreover, 5G operates on frequencies ranging between 25.25 GHz to 52/6 GHz. According to Dr. Collins, electromagnetic field radiation starts ionizing dangerously at 3 million GHz: denoting that 5Gs EMF ionization hardly reaches the threshold.

Still, Dr. Collins added that while 5G radiation levels and EMF ionization do not cause the development of cancer on human tissues, the harm posed by EMF on human skin is the heating condition. Dr. Collins said that the heat produced by electronic components of the communication device, and not the radiation transmitted by the 5G wireless technology, comes into contact with human tissues and hearing organs.

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