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Paraffin Can Be Harmful To Health

Paraffin Can Be Harmful To Health

The effect of paraffin on the skin and your body is controversial. Critics warn of skin damage and accumulation in organs, while proponents refer to studies that certify that unscented paraffin blocks are completely harmless.

Paraffins are contained in almost all conventional cosmetic and skincare products. Natural cosmetics do without paraffins entirely and use vegetable fats and oils for good reason.


Health: What are paraffins and what are they used for?

Paraffin is obtained from residues from the distillation of petroleum and is mainly used as lubricants for engines and technical equipment. Due to their properties, however, they are also used in skincare products, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and the food industry.

Paraffins feel greasy, have no odour of their own, are colourless and tasteless and do not dissolve in water. They are significantly cheaper than vegetable fats and oils. Paraffins have a very long shelf life and can be combined particularly well with other fats and waxes in creams, lotions and other skincare products. They ensure the shine of the product and give it a pleasant consistency.

What do paraffins do to the skin?

unscented paraffin blocks

Paraffins lie on the skin like a film. Although this initially makes the skin feel pleasant and soft, paraffins have no real care effect and ensure that the skin dries out in the long term.

The skin is prevented from breathing and the entire metabolism of the skin is affected. Pores are closed, which can lead to blemishes. If products with paraffins are used for a longer period of time, the natural protective acid mantle can be damaged and the ability to self-regenerate steadily decreases. Because paraffins dry out the skin, increased wrinkling occurs.

Paraffin in the body

Mineral paraffins are quantitatively the most significant contaminant in your body. Paraffins probably get into your bodies in different ways, for example, through the skin.

In general, little is known about the toxicity and possible effects of paraffins on the body. What is known is that the composition of the respective paraffin probably plays a role. In animal experiments, for example, low-viscosity paraffins caused cellular damage and accumulated in various organs.