Can You Lose Weight With Diet Pills?

Can You Lose Weight With Diet Pills?

Obesity affects health and well-being. Losing weight is therefore at the top of the list of good resolutions for many people. However, implementation is often difficult.

Alternatives to losing weight that you should consider

An entire industry lives in the fight against obesity. The number of diet products is unmistakable. Not all are helpful. Some light products even stimulate the appetite. In addition to the particularly tailored foods, offers from the drugstore or pharmacy are also available.

Dietary supplements

High-fiber products that fill the stomach but hold hardly any calories are prevalent. These dietary supplements like AlpileanĀ reduce the feeling of hunger and can make the first phases of weight loss easier. If you want to lose weight radically, it can make sense to take vitamins, minerals, and trace elements. However, this should not be done on your own, but only on medical advice.



Laxatives are not suitable for weight loss. They only serve to remedy temporary indigestion. Long-term use in particular leads to constipation and other health problems.


Since the 1960s, preparations intended to curb appetite and hunger have come onto the market with great regularity. Interest in appetite suppressants has since waned somewhat. Instead, drugs that interfere with fat metabolism became fashionable.

A drug used in diabetes treatment is currently being promoted as a “diet shot”. The weight-reducing effect of all these remedies is rather manageable. The temporary weight loss is paid for by side effects, some of which are considerable. After discontinuation of the preparations, the famous yo-yo effect generally sets in. The original weight is rapidly regained or exceeded. On the other hand, what may remain is permanent damage to health.

Weight loss drinks

These are usually powdered agents that have to be dissolved in low-fat milk or water. They substitute the daily meals. The weight loss effect is caused by reduced calorie intake of between 800 and 1200 calories a day. The application of slimming drinks usually extends over several weeks. Medical support during the period of the respective diet plan is advisable.

You can lose weight fast with this diet. Whether the achieved body weight can be maintained depends on not falling back into old eating habits afterward. Some users suffer from digestive problems or the monotony of this liquid diet. Alternatively, comparable weight loss can be achieved with just a high-protein but low-carbohydrate diet.

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